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Elberton’s Hometown Hospital  hospital is located at 423 S. Oliver St, Elberton, Ga. 30635.  Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-6 pm.  The phone number is 706-213-6155.   Granite Hills Animal Care is owned by Dr. Andy Mathis, the local Elberton veterinarian.  Being local is convenient when established clients and patients need help with their pet’s care.

My Philosophy-  I think of my pets as my children.  They just happen to have 4 legs and fur.  And whether your “kids” have fur, hooves, feathers, fins, or scales, I hope you do the same.  They are members of your family.

It is that underlying philosophy that guides my veterinary practice here at Granite Hills Animal Care.  As a pet parent, I expect a high level of quality care for my pet. Whether it be routine medical care, emergency care, or surgery.  Even something as mundane as a bath, or boarding if I happen to be out of town.  It’s what we strive to provide to our patients in a kind, caring, and compassionate way. As if they were our own pet.        

 Dr. Andy Mathis


Granite Hills Animal Care is a small animal Veterinary Hospital serving the community of Elberton, and the surrounding area counties  of Elbert, Hart, Ogelthorpe, Madison, and Franklin counties.


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