Welcome to the new Vet Marketing Labs site.  The old site was full of errors and problems that I decided to scrap it and start over.  I saved the old blog posts and will put those back up shortly.

I’m Dr. Andy Mathis from Elberton Ga. , a small town veterinarian practicing general medicine. Veterinary practice today has its challenges that were not around when I graduated pre-internet. Yes, that makes me an old dude.   Those challenges exist because of the internet mostly, and then there are online pharmacies, rescue organizations, big box veterinary care providers, and a changing attitude from the general public concerning veterinary care.

In short, in used to be much easier to educate clients and promote veterinary care. We as veterinarians were seen as the experts. Experts who services were sought out by pet owners.

Around 2001, 800- Pet Meds (bless their heart) started sending television ads into people’s living rooms with the message “Don’t support your local veterinary hospital who takes care of your pet when they are ill, you should buy from us.”

And so it began. Veterinary Medicine has been trying to adapt ever since.

I started this site back in 2014, may have been 2013. . . not exactly sure how it could be helpful to overcome these challenges and hopefully thrive in today’s economic environment.

In February  2016, I inadvertently became the poster boy for compassionate veterinary care with a good samaritan case by the name of Graycie Claire. I got tons of messages and emails that all said the same thing-  we need more vets like you.  Which left me scratching my head and wondering, “I am like the veterinarian that is 5 minutes from your house. Why do you (the general public) think otherwise?”

Here’s what I know now.  The challenges that veterinarians are facing today can be overcome with some clarity, strategy, know how, and perseverance.

So I am putting this site back together, after having crashed it, with a plan of how it can better help you as a veterinarian to help your pet patients. . . .by getting them in the door.

So, the question has been how to help those practicing vet medicine.  Should it be a book or guide? Should it be a course with video and audio lessons? Or should it be more like a membership community? Where one can ask questions and get feedback?

The answer seems to be all three, depending on people’s preference when learning new skills- some like to read, some like to watch, and some like to do.

The Pilot program of the Marketing Mastermind community is currently closed.  If you want to be notified  when it opens back up, via the email list, click over and get your hiney on it.